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Grass Fed
Grass Finished Antibiotic Free

$3.50 lb carcass weight + processing

The average dressing of beef animals from live weight to carcass weight is 63%. If you chose mostly bone-in cuts you will get about 70% of that weight in beef to take home and if you chose boneless and closely trimmed ground beef you will get about 50% of the carcass weight in beef.

Example: 1,200 pound live weight x 63% = 756 lb hanging weight. 

756 x $3.50 = $2,646 (The amount you would pay for the steer + processing, around $496)

756 lb x 70% = 529 lbs of packaged bone in beef ($6 a pound)

756 lb x 50% = 378 lb boneless and lean hamburger ($8.30 a pound)

Almost half of the meat you receive will be hamburger, which means hamburger would be $3.50 a pound and Ribeye, T-bones and other cuts would be $8.50 a pound

Processing Fees: Typically charge $0.60 a pound (based on hanging weight) plus $40 slaughter fee. For the steer above @756 lb hanging weight, processing would be around $495

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