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Organic Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

$5 a dozen

Fresh eggs are gathered from the coops on the farm each day. They are placed directly into egg cartons and kept cool until their day of pickup that same week or the week after. We try our best to keep the size of eggs in each carton consistent, but on rare occasion you may receive an egg or two that is larger or slightly smaller than the rest. This happens because younger hens can lay smaller eggs when they first begin to lay and some hens may lay a larger egg due to there being two yolks in the egg shell. We call this a “double-yolker” and if you get one, don’t worry – it’s a freebee and it’s completely normal and…consider yourself lucky!
The eggs we sell are unwashed. This means that the natural protective coating called the “bloom” remains on the shell of the eggs and therefore protects them from contamination.  This also means the eggs stay fresher for longer and DO NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION (in outside temperatures over 80 degrees, refrigeration will extend the freshness of the eggs and is recommended and encouraged).

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